Annual Corporate Philanthropy Highlights

Annual Corporate Philanthropy Highlights

by Lauren Cahn

In the midst of the giving season, and with the end of the year close upon us, it seems a good time to reflect on the results of our corporate philanthropy efforts in 2019. With 22,000 employees in 23 countries, Exela has the wingspan with which to support philanthropic initiatives that touch communities across the globe. That’s why we created #ExelaGivesBack, a program through which Exela matches employee charitable donations dollar for dollar with regard to charities we hand-pick because they align with our values, which include:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Ethics
  • Collaboration
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment

For example, our corporate philanthropy efforts raised $27,000 for the Center for Early Diagnostics and Therapy of Children with Hearing Impairments (“Children’s House”) in Zvezdara, a municipality in Belgrade, Serbia. We couldn’t have been more proud of our employees’ tireless efforts an dedication when, on August 28, 2019, we presented Children’s House with a new audiometer and typanometer, among other items of medical equipment that were desperately needed so that Children’s House can continue its good works. Half of the money raised for Children’s House came through employee donations.

In yet another outstanding showing of corporate philanthropy, Exela raised 22,630 for the American Cancer Society in connection with the ACS Relay for Life event that took place at the Rockcastle County Middle School in Mount Vernon, Kentucky on June 19, 2019. This amount reflects an impressive $12,630 raised by Exela employees—plus $10,000 contributed by Exela, which had pledged to match all employee donations up to $10,000.

The generosity of our employees goes beyond the fiscal, however. Every single one of Exela’s 639 full-time employees located in Exela’s Mount Vernon, Kentucky and London, Kentucky workplaces contributed to the Relay for Life effort in some capacity, whether by directly soliciting donations, selling raffle tickets, walking the track, or cheering on and otherwise supporting those walking.

Our other philanthropic efforts this year have included:

You can read more about the Exela Gives Back Program here. And please stay tuned for 2020. We’ve got some exciting initiatives planned that we can’t wait to tell you about.

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