ExelaGivesBack to Children with Hearing Impairments


ExelaGivesBack to Children with Hearing Impairments

by Lauren Cahn

Exela’s global presence (basically, we’re everywhere) means two very important things to us. One is that we are wherever you need us to be to advance your digital journey. The other is that we care. We care about people and the work we do. And we care about the future of planet earth and the people who live here. Through our #ExelaGivesBack philanthropy initiative, we turn caring into action.

For example, on Thanksgiving Day of 2018, Exela raised funds and awareness for SOFOSH, a charity based out of Pune, India, by rounding up employees, friends, and families in Dallas, Texas, and Santa Monica, California to participate in local road races and/or make personal donations ( and, of course, no amount is ever too small or unappreciated). And here’s the coolest part: Exela matched all such donations dollar for dollar (our employees raised $7,200, bringing the grand total raised through our efforts to $14,400). But hey, that’s how we roll.

On May 19, 2019, we not only matched our employee contributions dollar for dollar, we worked hand-in-hand with the Bare Hands Initiative to turn urban space in Atlanta, Georgia into sustainable, edible greenspace. Our other philanthropic efforts this year have included the Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K (May 22, 2019) and Relay For Life (June 14, 2019). Currently we are building awareness for and raising funds in support of Children’s House.

Run. Hear. Now.

For months now, Exela has been raising funds in support of children with hearing impairments, and those efforts will culminate at the 42nd Annual Will Rogers Pacific Palisades 5K/10K race and ½ -Mile Fun Run For Kids taking place on July 4, 2019 (U.S. Independence Day) in Pacific Palisades, California. In preparation, we’ve been rounding up all the employees, family members, and friends in the area, and getting the word out to our 22,000 employees all over the world about the awe-inspiring work being done by the Center for Early Diagnostics and Therapy of Children with Hearing Impairments (“Children’s House”) in Zvezdara, a municipality in Belgrade, Serbia.

Our hope is to raise at least $15,000 for Children’s House. And Exela has pledged to match employee donations up to that amount.

About the Children’s House

Established in 2006, Children’s House is dedicated to changing the lives of children with hearing loss—including the profoundly deaf—by providing a full range of treatments, from surgical to therapeutic to rehabilitative. Children’s House’s mission and greatest accomplishment is the integration of its children into hearing-society, no matter how much work or how long it takes.

To attain its lofty goals, including annually working with 9,000 children—from infants through teens—Children’s House needs our financial support. In particular, Children’s House is seeking to develop a program of universal neonatal hearing screening, build a room for multisensory stimulation, and purchase such needed equipment as audiometers and tympanometers.

We’re so excited about this, and about all of our upcoming #ExelaGivesBack events. Keep checking here for more on Exela’s philanthropic efforts (spoiler alert: there will be the wearing of pink in October, as is traditional here at Exela). We promise to keep you in the loop!