Katie Beezley: Helping Exela Help Others

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Katie Beezley: Helping Exela Help Others

by Lauren Cahn

Exela Technologies is committed to the planet, all those who dwell here, and all those who will in the future.”

With 22,000 employees in 23 countries, Exela has the wingspan with which to support communities across the globe. Working tirelessly to leverage that wingspan is the Marketing Team's Kathryn "Katie" Beezley. Based in Atlanta, Georgia (and in constant contact with Exela leadership around the world), Katie is the conduit through which Exela's philanthropic efforts flow.

To learn more about Exela's philanthropy program, #ExelaGivesBack, and how Katie positions Exela to "be the change" the company wants to see in the world, we sat down with Katie for a chat. Here's the takeaway:

Exela's philanthropic mission

"As a global corporate citizen," Katie explains, "Exela takes its responsibility seriously to advance causes that make the world a better place." Accordingly, Katie seeks out and identifies causes and related philanthropic initiatives that are meaningful to Exela as a company or to individuals within the company.

To keep her finger on the pulse of what's meaningful, Katie cultivates relationships with Exela employees all over the world and does her best to "really listen" to what they're saying. She then brings her ideas to our leadership team, which determines which organizations to support and how best to do so.

"In each case, we seek to generate interest, engagement, and monetary donations, as well as engaging our employees in the act of "giving back. Whenever possible, we pledge to match all monetary donations by employees, up to a set level."

How Exela leadership decides which organizations to support

We choose organizations that align with our values, which include:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Ethics
  • Collaboration
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment

How #ExelaGivesBack came to be

Exela and its predecessor companies had always participated in local philanthropic initiatives— from road races and fun runs to benefit local causes to inviting our employees to wear pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When Exela went public in 2017, we saw an amazing opportunity to use our influence and considerable pool of employees to make a difference on a more global level.

How #ExelaGivesBack selects causes to support

"I research nonprofit organizations and charitable events near our largest offices so that we can have as much participation as possible for the event," says Katie. "After meeting with the organizations and learning what they do, we determine which will fit with our core values and mission as a company.

#GetToKnow Katie

Corporate philanthropy was a natural fit for Katie, who has been with Exela (via its predecessor company, SourceHOV) since 2013. "Since I had already been coordinating special events, getting involved in planning philanthropic events and initiatives seemed a natural fit," Katie explains.

What #ExelaGivesBack gives back to Katie

When asked for some of the highlights of her job, Katie reminded us of just how inspiring the Bare Hands event proved to be. "I was lucky enough to participate in person in the Bare Hands event for Earth Day this year in Atlanta. Seeing the community come together to create something beautiful, useful and sustainable out of something that had been overlooked and neglected for years was really incredible," she tells us. "Everyone brought their children and grandchildren to participate which was great to see because we were having an impact on future generations and not just our own."