Why Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Mailroom

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Mailroom

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Mailroom

by Lauren Cahn

What is a Digital Mailroom?

A “digital mailroom” automates the full range of processes that would ordinarily otherwise be performed by your mailroom staff -- except without the need for mailroom staff, or even, for that matter, a mailroom. Digitizing your incoming mail is an important and reassuringly simple step toward digital transformation, which is where at least 98% of all businesses are heading in any event. It improves workplace efficiency, precision, and transparency, as we explain here. By rendering mail essentially “location-agnostic,” a digital mailroom supports the seemingly inevitable transition to remote work culture, not to mention the culture of corporate sustainability.

How it works

The process begins with a simple one-time instruction to the United States Postal Service to forward your incoming mail to one of 70 designated Exela processing centers, which instruction can be implemented in as few as 7 to 10 days and is reversible any time at your discretion. Thereafter, for as long as you wish to continue with the service, Exela receives your mail and uses state-of-the-art technology (including OCR-powered data extraction and proprietary AI-powered scanning for which we were recently awarded a patent) to intelligently digitize, index, and sort the content. The digitized content is then securely e-routed to the intended recipients. At the same time, it is also now immediately available for entry into all your workflows that utilize digital content.

Join us as we follow a piece of incoming paper mail through the Digital Mailroom process here.

Why Exela’s Digital Mailroom?

Exela’s Digital Mailroom happens to feature one of the world’s fastest scanning platforms. In fact, there’s virtually no faster way to digitize and route incoming documents. With 70 Exela processing centers around the world that support Exela’s Digital Mailroom activities, you can choose a center that’s convenient in case you ever want to pop in to pay your paper mail a visit.  In addition to digitizing your incoming mail, Exela’s Digital Mailroom can be used to digitize, index, and route paper records, including backlog, into the appropriate hands, as well any number of automated workflows (for example, medical records management).

Here’s a quick video tour through Exela’s Digital Mailroom.

Why it’s right for your law firm

A crown jewel in the Exela Smart Office suite of solutions, Exela’s Digital Mailroom has been particularly helpful to our law firm customers. Some reasons why include:

  • Automatic digitization of content that for use in drafting.
  • Establishing a firmwide source of truth about a particular client or matter.
  • Entry of digitized content into legal industry-specific automated work flows such as these four you definitely want to know about.
  • Supports faster response times to conflict-of-interest inquiries.
  • Supports firmwide search capabilities for fast and informed answers to queries.
  • Automated redaction commands, including batch redaction for enhanced security requirements, including “Chinese Walls.”

Learn how Exela’s Digital Mailroom was a game-changer for this large L.A.-based law firm during the COVID-19 pandemic.