Why High-Speed Scanners Make a Great First Step in Your Digital Transformation

Why High-Speed Scanners Make a Great First Step in Your Digital Transformation

Why High-Speed Scanners Make a Great First Step in Your Digital Transformation

by Niharika Sharma


While a significant portion of business is still conducted via manual and paper-based processes, the speed and convenience of digital solutions are quickly becoming the norm. Businesses across all industries are turning to digital technology to remain competitive, in some cases redefining aspects of their core processes to take better advantage of the benefits digital solutions can provide. 

While a complete digital overhaul may not be necessary for every business, it is a great time to start looking into how your organization can begin its digital transformation. After all, with worldwide spending on digital transformation expected to reach $2.3 trillion in 2023, it will be beneficial for all businesses to have some digitization under the belts in order to remain competitive and begin to integrate more digital solutions in the future.

Document Digitization: A Good Place to Start

Even though it may sometimes feel like we’re well into a new digital age, where even common household items are connected to the internet and labeled “smart,” many essential business processes still rely on physical paper documentation. And while paper has played a critical role in the recording and sharing of information since its very invention, there are many downsides to an overreliance on paper. 

Storing vital, unique, or sensitive information on paper can open it up to a variety of risks. Paper documents can be lost, damaged, incorrectly filed, or be accessed by unauthorized people. Plus, it's not easy to access physical documents locked away in paper archives, and storage can be expensive and require lots of space. And with advanced, high-speed, high-volume options like Exela’s line of IntelliScan scanners, capable of rapidly and accurately transforming paper documents into fully digital assets, document digitization is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to kickstart your digital transformation.

One click to access information

One of the major drawbacks of paper is that it is in many ways a prison for information. Information stored on a paper document cannot be easily shared and utilized by other systems and functions. Digitizing documents is an important first step to make information more accessible and truly leveraging its real potential.

IntelliScan offers a range of scanners and can be paired with OpenBox to capture the data. It can classify and index, creating a robust end-to-end document digitization and information extraction platform. This also makes integration of further downstream automation and digital transformation solutions easier, as much of your business’s critical data and information will already be available.  So you can share copies through email, take printouts ,and always have a safe digitized copy with you.

Don’t miss a single word

Some businesses may be hesitant to embrace digitization for fear of losing information in the process. IntelliScan's precision optics and illumination provide superior image quality. The IntelliScan Raptor performs in-line image quality assurance (IQA) monitoring by testing every image in real-time against a baseline of user-defined quality metrics which detect potential defects. 

Increase productivity with reliable and speedy digitization

Fastest and reliable scanners digitizing your documents can improve your productivity and efficiency in other business processes. Digital documents can be handled by bots and other automated processes, allowing your employees to focus more time and energy on higher-priority tasks that provide a greater service to your customers. 

Make historical records accessible 

No matter the organization's size, there is always a ton of information stored in company archives. A single piece of paper may not seem to take up much space, but when you’re dealing with years or even decades worth of old forms, case studies, records, case files, accounts, and other documents, it can really start to add up fast. Digitizing these old archives can not only save on valuable floor space, but also make backlogs of information, a potentially valuable resource, more easily accessible.


The benefits of document digitization reach nearly every facet of business operations, and by now, every organization knows that digital transformation is the way forward and is vital for their success. There’s no denying the need to transform - the deciding factors are how you and where you start. Get in touch with one of our specialists and understand how Exela can assist you in your digital transformation path.