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Tech Team versus Sales Team: How to Solve Those Pesky Clashes
Aug 14, 2019
Lauren Cahn

Like innovation and marketing, tech development and sales are inextricably intertwined. In fact, the success of any tech business depends upon a successful working relationship between these two teams. Despite their synergies and shared goals, however, their interests and priorities will sometimes diverge. Over the years, Exela’s CEO, Ron Cogburn has seen this firsthand and shares his insights with the Forbes Technology Council in the July 8, 2019 Forbes article, 10 Issues Sales and Tech Teams Commonly Clash Over (And How To Solve Them).

For example, sometimes a tech team is developing a solution to perform tasks “A” and “B,” but the sales team is out there selling it as doing tasks “D” and “E” as well. There’s an apparent disconnect there, and the result can be dissatisfied customers and frazzled sales and tech staff. How to prevent the disconnect? Ron has had great success with fostering “open communication and alignment between groups.” You can see the full text of Ron’s observations and advice as well as those of 9 other members of the Forbes Technology Council here.

Ron is Exela’s Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, offering many valuable insights. You’ll find many other thought-provocative articles from elite members of the C-Suites of Top Tech Companies like Exela here. For more up-to-the-minute Exela news, stay tuned to the Exela Blog.

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