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Leave Paper Behind with Document Scanning and Digitization

by Niharika Sharma

In today’s digital world, it is becoming increasingly important to embrace document digitization. Moving away from paper-focused processes can be one big step towards achieving that goal. Document scanning and digitization can help businesses become more efficient, organized, and secure.

Document scanning and digitization involves the conversion of physical documents into digital formats. High-speed scanners such as IntelliScan can quickly read and digitize documents of different sizes with accuracy. Once documents are scanned, they can be stored in a secure digital repository, making them easily accessible to authorized personnel.


Document Scanning: IntelliScan Raptor Scanner


The benefits of document digitization are numerous. 

  1. First, it eliminates the need for physical storage space. Documents can be stored in the cloud or on a secure server, freeing up valuable office space. Additionally, documents can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier for employees to collaborate and work remotely.


  1. Document digitization also makes documents easier to search and organize. With physical documents, it can be difficult to find the information you need quickly. With digital documents, you can easily search for keywords or phrases and quickly find the document you need. Additionally, digital documents can be organized into folders and tagged with keywords for easy retrieval.


  1. Finally, document digitization can help businesses save costs. By eliminating the need for physical storage space, businesses can save money on rent and utilities. Additionally, digitizing documents eliminates the need for paper, ink, and other supplies.

Overall, document scanning and digitization is a great way for businesses to save time, money, and resources. By leaving paper behind and embracing digital documents, businesses can streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

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Do All Physical Documents Need Digitizing? 

Digitizing paper files is a great way to save on storage space, but it's important to know which files should be kept and which can be discarded. While digitized documents are convenient, there are some papers that need to be stored. Knowing the difference between these types of files is essential for managing both digital and paper documents in the most effective way for your business.

Documents such as contracts, legal agreements, business licenses, permits, and more should never be discarded. Even though you can digitize them, the original file is more important than the digital copy. Government and legal documents that are essential to your business should always be kept. 

Store Your Physical Files Smartly 

While you can choose to store your physical documents onsite, you may want to consider using a scanning vendor that can store your documents off-site if you need more space. 

If you opt to digitally store your files, you can create an efficient filing system that allows you to find the documents quickly and makes sharing effortless and secure. Exela's document digitization services have provided high-quality, high-volume document digitization for over 30 years, converting hundreds of millions of small- and large-format documents and microfilm into digital records.

Exela document digitization and scanning services include data capture, document indexing, electronic storage, record management, and more. Contact us today to learn more.