How MRM Can Help Save Healthcare

How MRM Can Help Save Healthcare

How MRM Can Help Save Healthcare

by Niharika Sharma


The healthcare industry was undeniably one of the hardest hit by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. As case counts grew and hospitals filled, organizations struggled to keep up with the demand. This clearly demonstrated the need for increased efficiency and flexibility - both of which can be achieved with modern technology. 

Today, companies, government agencies, and other organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to digital solutions to help speed up manual processes. Yet the healthcare industry tends to lag a bit in this area. This is often because medical professionals are extremely cautious when it comes to changing anything that works, as lives are often on the line. However, COVID-19 has shown that there are many facets of the healthcare industry that don’t work - at least not as well as they could or should. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are looking for smart solutions that can improve efficiency. And one of the solutions that has everyone’s attention is the Medical Record Management (MRM) system.  

The traditional record management processes are slow, costly, and error-prone. A comprehensive MRM solution provides efficient document digitization, indexing, and routing, all while maintaining secure physical and digital records storage. Under the given current COVID-19 crisis, hospitals are struggling due to limited resources and having a smart solution can free up the resources to take care of more important things. 

Exela’s Medical Record Management system allows easy capture, organization, maintenance, and retrieval of patient's medical records. The MRM solution can digitize existing paper medical records, which are the primary source of information for healthcare purposes, including all clinical, legal, and administrative purposes. The system offers much better visibility and easier access, while enhancing security and maintaining strict privacy guidelines. 

Digitizing medical records provides many benefits, including: 

  • Cost savings through a reduction in storage, staff required, and equipment needed
  • Digital documents are less prone to damage from fires, floods, mold, and other accidents
  • Retrieving records through MRM takes a few seconds, leading to  faster document processing
  • The system captures and highlights potential errors 


The platform is developed with the importance of security in the healthcare industry in mind. Being compliant and secure, Exela’s MRM offers: 

  • NARA-approved (National Archives & Records Administration) physical record storage facilities 
  • Strict, role-based data access with multi-factor authentication 
  • Data encryption, both while in transit and while at rest
  • Complete chain-of-custody tracking and audit trails


COVID-19 pushed medical organizations nearly to the breaking point. In the wake of such an unexpected disaster, it’s important to learn and improve. Digitizing medical records management is an accessible, safe, and easy way to start. Exela’s Medical Record Management system is a cost-effective strategy, offering immediate, cumulative benefits and can be deployed in as few as 10 days.

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