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Exela’s Ron Cogburn on How 5G Will Transform How Business is Done
Aug 6, 2019
Lauren Cahn

You might have noticed Exela CEO Ron Cogburn has been particularly busy lately offering his highly unique and valuable business insights via thought leadership articles in Forbes and other publications. In the June 27, 2019 Forbes article, Tech Experts Predict 12 Ways 5G Will Transform How Business Is Done, he doesn’t disappoint with his response to the question, “What benefits will 5G bring for both businesses and consumers?”

Ron’s answer? Well, you can read it here. But here’s a hint: Ron recognizes that the Internet of Things is expanding more rapidly than anyone could have predicted, and well, he’s in the B2B space, so he’s thinking about ways to integrate the IoT of the office into our lives as a whole. And that matters to Ron and the rest of us at Exela, where work-life balance is an important value. Not to mention, we’re bringing our customers the IoT every day with our Smart Office suite of solutions.

Ron Cogburn is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, offering many valuable insights. You’ll find many other thought-provocative articles from elite members of the C-Suites of Top Tech Companies like Exela here. For more up-to-the-minute Exela news, stay tuned to the Exela Blog, including this post regarding why Ron spent some time on Exela’s July 12 birthday shopping for a good pair of shades. To learn more about Exela’s broad range of rapidly deployable business process automation solutions, check out our Solutions page.