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Optimized Prior Authorization Decisioning

Prompt and Accurate Determination on Prior Authorization Claims

Automated Prior Authorization Solution Overview

Some services in a medical plan require providers to seek authorization before providing the treatment or service to the patient. Receiving, organizing, and verifying these claims against patient plans can be a time-consuming and costly undertaking.

Using advanced digitization and automation technologies, along with an experienced workforce and time-tested operational efficiencies, Exela helps healthcare payers improve this decision-making process for quick turnaround times, automated prior authorization, and accurate appraisals.


Dashboard Interface


Tenancy Environment


Audit Trail


Expert Precertification

With over 30 years in the healthcare industry, Exela’s team is experienced and up to date with current best practices and relevant regulations. Our proven processes and professional staff help ensure that your prior authorizations are correctly handled based on your plan rules and industry standards.


Leverage State-of-the-Art Technology

Exela’s RPA tools are ideally suited to transform your prior authorization processes. From optical character recognition (OCR) for prompt and accurate data ingestion to programmable rules sets for reliable outcomes, our tech-based solution is ready to streamline your workflow.


Quick Turnaround Time

When dealing with prior authorization, time is always of the essence. We help optimize the cycle time by creating electronic content to speed up the decisioning process without sacrificing accuracy. We set up websites that complement the payer effort to get online requests from the providers.