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Large Insurance Company Experiences Increased Customer Satisfaction with Exela’s Member Enrollment Solution

Discover how Exela's Member Enrollment solution transformed a large insurance company's open enrollment process, reducing turnaround time to 48 hours, increasing customer satisfaction, and delivering significant cost savings.


Open enrollment is always a challenging time for HR departments. With pressure to outperform the previous year’s results, there is always a need for process innovation to meet the increasing demands. These pressures are compounded by a short enrollment timeframe and confused employees who are trying to grasp the new plan benefits. This often leads to numerous queries and insufficient information being submitted.

A large integrated insurance company was impacted by product mix variation, volume spikes, and staffing fluctuations during open enrollment. These issues were exacerbated by the seasonality of the enrollment process. The company was in need of a solution that would improve turnaround time, clarify plan details, provide better customer service, and boost their Broker, Provider, and Customer (Groups) satisfaction scores, which had been negatively impacted for four years.



Exela designed a universal intake and workflow solution to manage several input types (e-mail, fax, paper and Excel) with comprehensive early view reports for all inventory management, organized by platform, work type, specialty, and geographic location. The solution featured a communication module that can manage all print and mail outcomes.

The solution also provided:

  • Cross-training of resources in different workflows and platforms
  • Product mix study for each workflow for training deployment within shorter time frame
  • Load balancing on each queue to handle Spike Volume
  • Skillset-based work allocation
  • High priority to Member Seeking service – One hour TAT
  • Hourly Work Monitoring system for all the work queue during OE
  • Macro Options for Electronic Submission 
  • Quick Reference Card for New Joiners
  • Buddy Audit system for focusing groups

In less than 90 days, Exela delivered 240,000 enrollment installations a month at a quality of 99.5% by supporting 70% of the customer’s total volume while deploying over 80 new resources after rigorous training during the OE spike.


  • - Improved turnaround during Open Enrollment from 72 Hours to 48 hours
  • - Increased customer satisfaction
  • - Stronger brand loyalty for the client
  • - Significant cost savings – reduced call volume a reduced pended items
  • - Provided a platform to complete urgent installation within 2 hours, globally


Discover What Exela's Member Enrollment Solution Can Do For You