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Exela Provides Right-Sized Labor And Scanning Solutions For A Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical company moves towards a paperless operation with Exela.


A global pharmaceutical company with billions of dollars in annual revenue and nearly 60,000 employees was using a temporary labor solution to complete a substantial amount of scanning and archiving work.

This customer was looking to streamline their cumbersome processes of aggregating content from multiple sources and transitioning it into digital formats. The necessary documentation, per their existing workflows, required that the data collected be converted into a standardized format and then indexed in searchable internal systems, providing access to employees who required it based on standard industry regulations.

The customer’s existing temporary labor solution was serviceable, but this short-term strategy was not adequate to manage their ongoing scanning and cataloging work. For contractual reasons, the company’s temporary workers were only able to stay onsite for a short amount of time.

Given Exela’s existing records management and print footprint already onsite at the customer’s location, they tasked us with processing this existing scanning and indexing work more efficiently.


The customer decided to replace their temporary labor force with four full-time Exela employees who would take over the long-term scanning and indexing work. Exela added a fifth employee to the team, who would serve as a front desk reception point for documents and receivables. This allowed Exela to own the entire document digitization process, enabling the customer to shift focus back to the core, revenue-generating work.

As a pharmaceutical company, this client must adhere to strict ISO (International Standards Organization) standards relating to the secure handling of private materials. Because of this, Exela was tasked with recording all document scanning and indexing processes performed onsite. Leveraging our industry expertise and proven best practices, Exela developed a process that became the company’s internal standard.

Exela developed the following optimized workflow:

  • Reception and front desk mail associates intake documents, which can come from external laboratories, remote employees, or any department onsite at headquarters 
  • Index codes are then uniformly applied to documents with color-coded references, informational distinctions, and other organizational markings, denoting up to 12 total categories, per internal client standards – making the documents easily searchable for employees
  • Documents are scanned and formatted to a uniform standard, before being cataloged in the company’s searchable internal databases

While their process contained manual aspects due to the wide variety in the formatting styles of documents that needed to be indexed, speed was not an issue. Our five onsite Exela associates continue to support over 2,000 drug/clinical trials themselves, handling all related scanning and indexing needs – with up to 10,000 documents converted per day during peak times.


  • - Flexibility and expediency of service
  • - Seamless transition from 95% paper to 98% paperless with no dip in service levels
  • - Best-in-class scanning and archiving
  • - High-volume, high-speed document digitization
  • - Flexible and optimized core team capable of scaling to meet periods of increased workloads


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