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Enabling Digital Transformation and Paperless Signing Workflows for a Leading Indian Company in the Valuation and Chartered Engineering Services Industry

A renowned Indian company in the Valuation and Chartered Engineering Services Industry realized significant savings in document handling and shipping costs with Exela's eSignature solution, DrySign. 


The client, a renowned Indian company in the Valuation and Chartered Engineering Services Industry, with a presence in 25 states and experience spanning 30 years, needed a holistic solution for a major bottleneck thwarting their business operations – processing documents and dealing with excessive paperwork. 

Being a valuation services company, they had to deal with a humungous list of documents daily, including loan agreements, tax forms, offer letters, merger & acquisition contracts, and more, for their customers. Dealing with excessive paperwork was not only cumbersome and inefficient, but also added to their costs in terms of storage, filing, scanning, and printing. 

Moreover, they were also looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, the client was victim to a process that was outdated, inefficient, unsustainable, and incongruous with today’s digital transformation era.


Considering our client’s unique requirements, we empowered them with DrySign, our electronic signature platform. We deployed DrySign as an end-to-end solution allowing them to sign documents electronically, anywhere, anytime, from any internet device – no need for paper! With DrySign in their arsenal, the client was able to process documents in minutes instead of hours at a fraction of the cost! Based on their need, the client subscribed to DrySign’s Annual Enterprise Plan, giving them access to 5 User Accounts, 1 Admin Account, and 2500 documents!

Besides ease-of-use and streamlined documentation, the client leveraged DrySign to secure their workflows, mitigate signature fraud, track signing history, and switch to sustainable operations.

  • 85% reduction in document handling expenses  
  • 80% reduction in shipping costs
  • Using DrySign’s Group Sign feature, the client was able to get signatures from multiple signatories in minutes
  • Secure and compliant solution for remote signing processes 
  • The client reduced TATs from 5-7 business days to a matter of minutes
  • Using robust audit trails, the client had increased visibility into pending work


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