Why Today (Not Tomorrow) is the Time to Plan for Disaster

Why Today (Not Tomorrow) is the Time to Plan for Disaster

by The Exela Team


The past few years have been full of unexpected events making waves across every industry and in nearly every corner of the world. From hurricanes to power outages to global pandemics, it seems that disaster preparedness has never been as important as it is right now.

Exela’s latest edition of PluggedIN: “Recent Disasters Put Business Continuity Back in Focus” covers the increasing impact - and price tags - of natural disasters, as well as the changing nature of threats for which businesses must be prepared.

As a global technology and business process optimization solutions provider, Exela considers business continuity planning a core component of our work. We take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, not waiting until after a disaster to deal with recovery but instead building flexibility and redundancy into our solutions. We think other companies can learn from our example.

Find out more about the evolving shape and scope of disasters, technology that helps to mitigate risk, and more specifics about how Exela approaches business continuity planning in the most recent edition of PluggedIN.

The full issue of PluggedIN is available for download now at https://www.exelatech.com/pluggedin.