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Why Sign When You Can DrySign?

In the past few decades alone, “business as usual” has been significantly altered by new technology. However, despite rapid technological advancements, signing documents has remained largely unchanged. In an increasingly digital world, exchanging legally enforceable signatures is still commonly a physical, paper-based process.

For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder of the value that digital transformation can offer. As companies around the globe adjust to accommodate social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, the value of solutions that enable remote working arrangements has been made all the more clear.

E-Signatures with DrySign

As a global leader in business process optimization, Exela has developed a powerful suite of solutions designed to facilitate our customers’ digital transformations. With the launch of DrySign, a new Electronic Signature platform, Exela adds this critical component to our comprehensive set of digital solutions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic maintains its grip on large parts of the world, and with the potential for more quarantine and lockdown orders to slow future waves, many businesses are prioritizing solutions that enable a more agile and remote workforce.1 This makes the ability to request and receive enforceable signatures from multiple parties anywhere, any time, more important than ever.

As a cloud-based web application, DrySign enables an end-to-end paper-free documentation process, in which you can draft, discuss, execute, and administer contracts from anywhere, at any time, on any device. DrySign is designed to overcome physical distances while also enhancing document security and process transparency.

Maintaining a clear audit trail on a physical document can be difficult, but DrySign makes document tracking simple. Once a request for digital signature(s) is submitted, the document’s status can be tracked in real-time. All signed documents are archived on cloud servers and can be accessed by simply signing in to the app. This minimizes tampering risk and false signatures, and ensures that documents get executed in a timely manner.

E-Signatures as a Part of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not only helping businesses better survive these unprecedented times, but also delivering valuable competitive advantages in an evolving landscape. Secure, reliable, and enforceable e-signatures are an important part of that transformation. Learn more about how DrySign can help make your organization’s digital transformation a success, or try it out yourself with the free version.

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