Why Outsource Marketing?

Why Outsource Marketing?

Why Outsource Marketing?

by Niharika Sharma


Whether you’re a small business or a multinational company, effectively marketing your products and services is essential to success. Building and managing your company’s brand is essential to creating a solid reputation, and a great way to differentiate from the competition.

Should something deemed so crucial to the success or failure of your business be taken care of in-house - even if marketing doesn’t really align with your core business? For some companies this is a workable solution. But many others opt to outsource all or part of their marketing efforts. Here are some of the key reasons your might want to consider this option: 


Quality marketing takes a lot of time, energy, and experience. Developing strategies, finalizing communication tone, targeting the right audience, and monitoring campaign success are all big undertakings, and can leave small in-house teams overwhelmed and overextended, resulting in poor quality materials and unsatisfactory results.

By outsourcing marketing, you can tap the talents and experience of a team that specializes in marketing. With years of experience in running campaigns, managing social media handles, branding products and services, and a lot more - they already have the right knowledge and specialized team to assist you with your marketing requirements.   


Marketing often requires a lot more maintenance and administration than one might at first assume. Many in-house marketing teams struggle to keep up with the needs and expectations of a wide variety of internal stakeholders while working with limited bandwidth. Between creating and running new campaigns, producing collateral to support sales, writing website copy, managing social channels, and a whole host of other requests, marketing teams can quickly get pulled in many different directions. Outsourcing marketing activities is a great way to streamline your efforts and keep management and administration simple while still benefiting from quality marketing materials.

Strategic Sourcing

An important but easy to overlook factor in determining marketing spend is how you source critical materials to create your marketing assets. Seeking out and securing the best items at the right price point can quickly overwhelm in-house teams, especially if they don’t have an existing network of trusted vendors they can tap. Marketing execution services companies often specialize in identifying the necessary promotional items and sourcing them in a way that is flexible and scalable, helping control costs while delivering quality marketing products.

Cost Savings

While you may think of marketing mainly in terms of short-term campaigns, it can actually add significant long-term overhead costs to your budget. One of the biggest expenses of building an in-house marketing team is hiring and employing skilled workers - a task that can also be very time-consuming. By outsourcing marketing, you can partner with a ready-made team of qualified experts. You also don’t have to invest in industry tools or spend time building relationships with media outlets or marketing materials suppliers.

Plus, by leveraging the marketing service provider’s expertise and experience, you can shorten the learning curve and hit the ground running with more successful campaigns. A good marketing company will already be tracking market trends and be prepared to conduct necessary research to create impactful campaigns right away.

Tracking and Analytics

Measuring and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and applying the insights gained to increase success rates is an important, if complicated, step in the marketing process. It can also add a lot of strain on in-house marketing teams. Many third-party marketing firms offer powerful analytics tools and years of industry experience that they can leverage to make sense of the data and translate insights into actionable strategies. 

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