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What’s So Great About Smart Lockers?

After nearly two full years, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is shifting. Where once we envisioned a complete and conclusive end to the pandemic, many businesses are instead developing strategies, with a focus on digital solutions and technologies, to quickly adapt to future waves and variants. Moving forward in the fight against COVID-19, flexibility will be the name of the game.

Smart lockers systems like Exela’s Intelligent Lockers are a versatile and effective way for businesses to provide a new level of flexibility and convenience to both their customers and their employees.

Improving Last Mile Delivery

Even before the pandemic, digital shopping was on the rise. In 2020, that growth was supercharged, as shoppers eagerly flocked to online retailers in order to avoid crowds and stop the spread of COVID-19. Last-mile delivery, or the stage of the supply chain when a package goes from a transportation hub to its final destination, is the most inefficient part of the entire supply chain, according to more than more than half of North American transportation and logistics companies. In a different study, 65% of retailers said that failed or late deliveries are a significant cost to their business.

Smart lockers can have a big impact on the delivery failure rate by making it easier to complete the delivery securely, even if the recipient is unavailable. The delivery person can easily access an open locker where the package can be stored until the recipient is ready to collect it.

Simplifying BOPIS

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) has become an increasingly popular option for digital shoppers who want to avoid the hassle and time-cost of a trip to the store, but also don’t want to wait several days for their items to ship. With BOPIS, shoppers can select their items, check out, and pay online. Their items are then deposited in an Intelligent Locker, and they are sent an alert that their order is ready for pickup, along with the locker number and the code, PIN number, or link to unlock their particular locker when they arrive.

This process not only saves the retailer costs associated with shipping and delivery, but it also allows the shopper to pick up their items more quickly, and can even extend the pickup window, if the locker bank is located outside of the store.

Enabling Secure Contactless Delivery

Early in the pandemic, contactless delivery became a critical feature that allowed millions of people to order food and other necessities while limiting face-to-face interaction as a means of avoiding potential exposure to the virus. While case counts may be falling in much of the world, it always helps to be prepared for a potential new surge. Intelligent Lockers provide the option for secure contactless delivery, allowing recipients and delivery drivers the flexibility to choose a delivery option that they’re most comfortable with.

Facilitating Office Convenience

Intelligent Lockers provide a new level of convenience and flexibility to company’s back offices too. With many businesses adopting new work arrangements to accommodate growing employee demand for remote work opportunities, Intelligent Lockers offer a reliable and flexible day storage option. Remote or hybrid employees can use these smart lockers to secure their possessions on days they are in the office, or even between office visits.

Intelligent Lockers are also a great way to improve internal mail and package delivery processes. With 24/7 accessibility, once mail items have been processed, they can be securely stored in a locker and the recipient can retrieve them at their own convenience. Similarly, Intelligent Lockers facilitate secure contactless handoff of items between employees and even departments. Many IT departments utilize smart lockers to return equipment that has been repaired, or to allow employees to check out and drop off specialized equipment as needed.

Intelligent Lockers can even be fitted with power banks, allowing stored technology to stay charged during transfers.

Learn more about what Exela’s versatile Intelligent Lockers can bring to your business.