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What is Exela’s Digital Mailroom, and How Does it Work?

In our advanced tech-inclined world, it’s more important than ever for your business to evolve with changing technologies. A digital mailroom is one of these technologies that allows businesses to view their postal mail from anywhere in the world.

Here's How Digital Mailroom Works

Exela's Digital Mailroom is a cloud-based solution that offers end-to-end workflow management and enables organizations to streamline the intake and distribution of mail. Digital Mailroom incorporates state-of-the-art technology for intelligent data extraction, scanning, indexing, routing, and secure archiving. We do it all while ensuring high data protection and encryption levels in transfer, transit, and rest.

Incoming business mail is forwarded to one of Exela's 28 SSAE-18-certified mail processing centers in the US for offsite processing. Here we open and digitize all mail pieces and transmit them to the Digital Mailroom Portal.

Scanning and digitizing make your mail more easily accessible and enables simplified sharing with colleagues, collaborators, and even internal automated systems. The mail is processed for routing within 24 working hours of receipt, ensuring there is no delay for customers in accessing their mail. Streamlining mail through Digital Mailroom can benefit your business in many ways, most important being:

  • - Greater efficiency and process control
  • - Faster mail routing
  • - Elimination of manual errors while sorting or indexing
  • - Easier accessibility
  • - Full integration with downstream workflows
  • - Enhanced visibility and reporting
  • - Superior information management
  • - Improved customer service
  • - Improved compliance and data security
  • - Full audit trails and chain of custody

Choosing the Right Digital Mailroom Solution for Your Business

When digitizing your mailroom, it’s essential to consider the options based on your company’s needs. For example, how you answer some of the following questions might affect the solution you choose:

  • - How distributed is the receipt of mail across your organization?
  • - What would be a suitable location from which to route mail?
  • - What should be done with original hard copy paper documents after they’re digitized?
  • - What is the volume of documents through the post?
  • - Do you receive cheque payments through the post?
  • - What are your current policies regarding third-party process outsourcing? 

Exela’s Digital Mailroom processes all documents in highly secure facilities that include video surveillance, badge access restrictions, and biometric scanners at data centers. These processing centers are secured for regulated and classified equipment, hold-open door alarms, and additional security measures. All data is stored in encrypted formats, and access to information is restricted based on a need-to-know segregated-duties basis.

How Digital Mailroom Can Improve your Customer Service and Productivity

Digital Mailroom offers a unique way to ensure your services are always excellent and productivity improves. Let's find out how.

Easy Access to Critical Data

Exela's DMR portal is cloud-hosted. This gives you instant access to digital mail, and you can receive your mail wherever and wherever you are. Furthermore, you can choose to forward, recycle, or shred the mail entirely, which prevents unnecessary interruptions by trips to the mailroom or having to visit a central headquarters.

Reduced Costs

Digital Mailroom lowers your operating costs in several important ways. The most apparent is through the increased efficiency and reduced fixed costs that come with eliminating in-house mailroom services. DMR effectively increases productivity while reducing labor costs.

Further savings come from replacing physical storage with cloud-based digital storage. Digitizing your incoming business mail allows you to not only reduce the square footage dedicated to document storage (often in expensive real estate), but enable easier and more cost-effective digital sharing, as opposed to costly and time-consuming physical delivery.

Switching to a digital mailroom also means reduced overhead costs on supplies, paper materials, equipment maintenance, and other document management costs.

Faster Processing Ensures Speedy Responses

Digital mail solutions will allow you to merge your incoming mail with your digital document and information stream at the earliest point. This essentially streamlines the front-end of critical business functions, from accounts receivable to invoices and any other operations processes that require external inputs. By centralizing all inbound information, you can improve turnaround times, standardize processes, optimize workflows, and reduce manual errors.

Well Organized Mail Distribution

When you partner with a digital mailroom service, you'll be handing off the burden of organizing your mail, placing it in the hands of the mailroom operator. Digital Mailroom providers like Exela specialize in creating mailroom tools and workflows to ensure efficient mail processing, accurate mail routing, and prompt electronic delivery.

Digital Mailroom operators create unique mail IDs or barcode labels for each mail item, allowing for easy monitoring throughout the delivery process. This is an essential feature when dealing with sensitive documents and checks.

Enhances Your Security and Data Privacy

While digital data breaches and leaks may be top of mind when it comes to information security, it’s easy to forget that paper documents pose their own risks as well. If a document with sensitive information is accidentally delivered to the wrong place, misfiled, or left out in the open, it can be very easy for someone without proper clearance to view. Physical documents stored in unsecured filing cabinets can be easily accessed with no trace of who viewed them, when, or how many times.

Digitizing your documents and paper mail allows for greater security and tracking, ensuring your sensitive information is protected and accounted for. Exela’s DMR mail centers meet or exceed the HIPAA, HITRUST, SSAE-18, SOC-2, and Veracode security standards, for a reliably secure digitization process. Once documents are digitized, we implement role-based data access, document classification and content-level filtering, and dynamic chain of custody tracking to keep unwanted eyes from seeing protected information.

How Can Exela Help?

We’re here to provide all of your Digital Mailroom and cloud storage solutions. If you want to spearhead your business into the future, then give us a call today – we’ll talk you through all the options available to you and provide you with cutting-edge, innovative cloud processes.