What is Corporate Sustainability?

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What is Corporate Sustainability?

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by Lauren Cahn

“Sustainability” means preserving the planet for future generations. “Corporate Sustainability” refers to the creation of long-term stakeholder value without compromising the future of our planet. To what degree a particular enterprise is engaged in corporate sustainability is reflected in:

  • The business in which the enterprise is engaged (e.g., manufacturing versus services)
  • How the enterprise operates its business (e.g., to what degree are the enterprise’s business practices consistent with environmental sustainability?)
  • How the enterprise supports and promotes sustainability among its workforce (e.g., to what degree does the enterprise engage its workforce in supporting and promoting a sustainable workplace?)
  • The degree to which the enterprise shares the global weight of responsibility for sustainability (e.g., is the enterprise involved in philanthropy that supports sustainability?)

Ultimately, corporate sustainability requires striking the appropriate balance between maximizing earnings, on the one hand, and minimizing environmental impact, on the other. Thus, corporate sustainability will look different among industries and among businesses within industries.

Exela’s approach to corporate sustainability is “organic” to our mission

Exela’s approach to corporate sustainability stems organically from our mission, which is to accelerate the business transformation of our customers using innovative strategies that create the most value using the least resources. In other words, corporate sustainability at Exela begins with the services and solutions we provide to our 4,000+ customers, which are comprised of businesses of every size, in every industry, all across the globe.

Here are just a few examples of how Exela’s services and solutions can help reduce paper use in the name of preserving our planet’s forests.

In addition, Exela has made efforts to create efficient workspaces and engender in our employees a sense of personal responsibility with regard to the environment. We have also chosen to throw our support behind philanthropic initiatives that directly support the planet’s future.

Please stay tuned for updates on Exela’s 2020 Corporate Sustainability campaign, including our I’m Accountable program, which we know is going to be a success because #TeamExela has proven to be admirably community-minded.

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