Tatiana Koleva: Delivering End-User Satisfaction for Legal and Financial Customers

by Lauren Cahn

When it comes to delivering desired outcomes to end-users in the context of digital transformation, the first rule of thumb is understanding who your end-users are. Of course, that’s no simple task, as we explain here. Luckily, one of Exela’s strengths is that we recruit and cultivate leaders who possess exceptional analytical prowess. One such leader is Tatiana Koleva, Exela’s Senior Vice President of Service Delivery. Tatiana is responsible for the services Exela delivers on-site for customers in the financial services- and legal-industries. In other words, Tatiana is on-site with our financial services and legal industry customers, ensuring end-user satisfaction at every level, even as the end-user landscape is in a constant state of evolution.

“I interact with people all day long and it is what I love most,” Tatiana tells us. In addition, she feels “privileged” to be leading her teams of “dedicated, customer-focused professionals who strive to deliver excellence in service every day.”

How Tatiana came to be doing what she’s doing

Tatiana attributes her success and her current position to “good fortune,” but it’s clear she’s worked hard for everything she’s achieved. “Six months after arriving in the U.S. from my home country of Bulgaria, I got an entry level job with the outsourcing division of Pitney Bowes and started learning about business and leadership and taking every opportunity to learn and grow.”

Tatiana’s favorite Exela offering

I am really excited about Smart Office,” Tatiana tells us. “So many of our customers are focused on improving the experience of the millennials they're hiring, while also keeping real estate costs down. Our technology solves both. Our solutions provide visibility as to how services are used. As such, they can be provided where needed to enhance the user experience, while reducing the expense of providing them. It is a win-win.”

What Tatiana’s working on—right this very minute

“We are working on expanding services globally for many customers. It presents new challenges to solve for, which excites me, as well as the team.”

Tatiana on “innovation”

If you ask a handful of people how they define “innovation,” you’ll get a handful of different answers. What we’ve noticed is that the way one defines “innovation” has a lot to do with that person’s particular relationship to innovation. For example, this one comes from a tech-marketing perspective. For Tatiana, “innovation is a cultural trait, it is how we think about what we do, how we listen and respond to client needs, how we define the future of how our customers operate and how we deliver services. Sometimes it is progressive and sometimes it is disruptive. It’s change as a way of life.”

We asked Tatiana to give us her #FiveWordsAboutYou.

Here’s what she came up with:

  • #determined
  • #fearless
  • #extrovert
  • #disciplined
  • #open-minded

What you probably don’t know about Tatiana

  • Would you have guessed that Tatiana wrote poetry when she was younger?
  • She also loves dancing and grew up dancing with her family.
  • While growing up in a communist country, she really had little exposure to “business” as we know it in a capitalist society. So, her idea of success back then was to be a diplomat, and that was her dream job as a child.
  • Favorite author since childhood: Oscar Wilde
  • Favorite film: The Intouchables (a French buddy comedy-drama film from 2011 that her daughter, who was studying French, wanted her to watch). “It left quite an impression on me.”

Here’s more about the industry-specific solutions we’re delivering to our financial services industry customers, and to our legal industry customers.


Not all of Exela’s business process optimization solutions are industry-specific, however, and many of our clients, including our financial services and legal industry customers are also benefitting from our broad variety of solutions designed to optimize the business processes of enterprises in virtually any industry.

These include the entire array of Smart Office suite of solutions referenced by Tatiana above. You can learn all about how a major institution deployed one such solution, Intelligent Lockers, to great advantage.