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Planet Earth: Taking Responsibility

Exela Technologies is committed to the future of this planet. As a global leader in digital transformation, we’re uniquely positioned to put that commitment into action through our solutions and services as well as through how we run our business

Our solutions and services

Exela’s solutions and services help our customers become less reliant on paper, which means becoming less reliant on everything associated with manufacturing, using, and disposing of paper. Learn more about the “paper problem” here. Paper reliance also tethers employees to the office, whereas working remotely supports sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and lengthening the useful life of office furniture, fixtures, and facilities. Recent stats from one of our larger customers demonstrate Exela’s Smart Office suite of solutions has reduced the customer’s paper usage by half, and our offsite print centers move printing to locations where waste is minimized and efficiency is maximized. Currently, Exela provides sustainability-supporting solutions to more than 4,000 customers around the world, and every day we reach more and more.

How we run our own business

Exela’s Workplace Program encourages our 22,000 employees to:

  • Print only as needed
  • Reuse paper
  • Recycle and use office products made of recyclable materials
  • Safely dispose of electronic waste
  • Commit to a green commute and telecommuting when possible

Our partnerships with third party sustainability initiatives also set an environmentally responsible tone among our employees and the community. One example is our partnership with Bare Hands, a non-profit organization that fights deforestation by planting trees and gardens. On May 19, we worked hand-in-hand with Bare Hands to turn urban space in Atlanta, Georgia into sustainable, edible greenspace. We also raised funds to support the Bare Hands mission. Between our Sustainable Workplace Program and our philanthropic initiatives, Exela aims to foster in our 22,000 employees a sense of individual accountability and a feeling of accomplishment with regard to environmental stability.