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People Behind Our Technology: Rajesh Devadoss

by Pinakin Kamboj

                               “Everything changes and nothing stands still.” - Heraclitus

Keeping up with new technology is a never-ending process that pushes ahead at near breakneck pace. That’s why we developed Lynx, which is part of the Learning and Development stack within our Human Capital Management suite of solutions. Lynx is an extremely configurable cloud-based learning management system that lets you develop, create, and implement up-to-the-minute interactive training courses your staff needs.

Rajesh Devadoss is the driving force behind Lynx. His expertise in design, project management, and code review have been fundamental throughout its development and rollout, but naturally, we wanted to know more. Rajesh was kind enough to oblige. Here’s what we learned:


Q: What’s your background, and how did that bring you to Exela?

Rajesh: Even as a child, I was always fascinated with technology and how it shapes our lives. I pursued my Bachelor’s in Engineering (Specifically in Electronics and Communications Engineering) and eventually ended up as a Software Development professional.


Q: What industry trends can you identify for us? 

Rajesh: We’re not only developing the tech, but also developing new ways to apply existing technology to drive business. Watch for new ways Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning are making our lives safer, easier and more efficient. And DevOps technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD are redefining the way products are made, with companies leveraging them to reduce costs and maintain a competitive edge.


QHow is Exela addressing these trends?

Rajesh:  Artificial Intelligence is used by Lynx to group students and users according to their relative strengths and areas where they can use improvement. Using periodic and gradual evaluations of performances, Lynx lets examiners create advanced and highly intuitive programs. Soon, Lynx will be integrated with QCard, and AI will be able to auto-assign tests to groups based on performance and other organizational requirements.


Q: What inspires you at work?

Rajesh: The environment at Exela constantly keeps me on my toes. As project manager, I regularly address new challenges and work to address them with innovative and technology-driven solutions.


Q: What are some technologies you want to learn more about going forward?

Rajesh: DevOps, IoT, Serverless Computing and Blockchain. I want to keep abreast with all the upcoming technology trends and help integrate them into Exela’s solutions.


Q: What's one thing your team doesn't know about you?

Rajesh: I am a highly accomplished Kabaddi player. Kabaddi is best described as a team-based wrestling sport. I played on an inter-collegiate team.


Thanks, Rajesh, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. We’re really excited about the work you’re doing and about the Human Capital Management suite of solutions, which includes a full roster of Human Resource resources, from Applicant Tracking to Onboarding to Performance Management, with lots of others in between.