Request to Pay Webinar

New Technology Combining Digital Payments and Messaging Services is Changing the Payments Landscape. Now You Can See Request-to-Pay in Action

by The Exela Team

Exela Technologies is paving the way for the future of billing and payment in the UK through our Request to Pay solution platform, or RtP. In order to shed some light on RtP, we decided to share details about Request to Pay, its implementation, industry challenges, and more during our webinar, “Request to Pay: In Action!

RtP software emphasizes communication and transactional efficiency for both payor and payee, allowing for secure messaging to take place before bill payment. The service is meant to overlay on top of the existing payments infrastructure to help businesses, organizations, and individuals handle bill payments with more ease, flexibility, and efficiency.

How Request to Pay Works

RtP allows a biller or payee to send an electronic request for the payment to the debtor account directly. The payor receives this request via an electronic interface such as a mobile banking app, reflecting the requested amount and the due date of the payment request.

On the payor side, the platform offers options that include making the payment in full, sending a partial payment, sending messages, raising requests for an extension, and more. 

A Request to Pay solution offers both sides of a transaction greater flexibility while making payments. It also increases transaction transparency, reduces the cost for billers, and gives both parties a better transaction experience.

Integrated communication and payment platforms are poised to become far more commonplace. Join us to learn more about this exciting technology! 

Request to Pay: In Action!

In our upcoming webinar, “Request to Pay: In Action!” you can get a look at this exciting new technology and learn more about how it will reshape the payments landscape. On Thursday, June 24, join Exela’s moderator Chris Vincent and a group of experts and panelists including:

  • Martin Kirby - Head of Order to Cash | Business Stream 
  • Simon Brooks - Faster Payments Service Line Manager | Pay.UK
  • Richard Lean -  RtP Product Expert | Exela Technologies 
  • Paul Horlock - Chief Payments Officer | Santander 
  • Paul Fairless - Director Business Development, Payments and Banking | Sage

The webinar will include demos of Exela’s RtP app, an in-depth look at the benefits for billers and payors, a discussion about the future of billing and payments, and plenty of time for Q&A with the panelists.


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