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Managed Print Services: Turning Toward Eco-Friendly Printing

In today's corporate landscape, corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn't just a buzzword—it's a mandate. Modern businesses are being held accountable for their actions, especially regarding their environmental footprint. They're challenged to harmonize their operational objectives with sustainable practices, showing they care about more than just profits. 

MPS, or Managed Print Services, emerges as a beacon in this context, proving that eco-consciousness and efficiency can coexist. When considering eco-friendly printing solutions, MPS stands out as a frontrunner, bridging the gap between CSR goals and operational efficiency.

How Can MPS Help with Eco-Friendly Printing? 

You might assume that traditional practices, like printing on paper, have dwindled to obscurity. Surprisingly, that's far from the truth. According to Statista, global paper and paperboard consumption is expected to grow from 417 million tons in 2021 to 476 million tons by 2032. Even as businesses make significant leaps towards digitization, the hum of printers remains a common backdrop in offices worldwide and even in home offices in this work-from-home era. Whether it's for tangible record-keeping, ease of reading, or the necessity of physical documentation, paper printing continues to hold its ground in the digital age. 

However, with this sustained demand comes an increased responsibility for businesses to ensure their printing practices align with eco-friendly and sustainable measures. Enter Managed Print Services (MPS) — a solution that harmoniously integrates efficiency with environmental consciousness.

A small tree made of paper rests in the palm of a hand

Reducing Waste

One of the primary environmental challenges with traditional printing setups is waste. Unused print jobs, misprints, and redundant devices all contribute to unnecessary paper and energy wastage. By implementing eco-friendly printing strategies, MPS optimizes your printing fleet, ensuring devices are utilized efficiently, thus cutting down on waste.

Energy-Efficient Devices

At the heart of corporate social responsibility is the use of sustainable technologies. A pivotal feature of MPS is the assessment and updating of a company’s printer fleet. This often leads to the recommendation of newer, more energy-efficient models that not only align with CSR objectives but also save costs in the long run. Some of these models include a variety of new print driver features that provide alternatives to reduce paper waste, including secure/pull printing and print-to-email options.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Eco-friendly printing is not just about the printers; it's about the supplies too. MPS providers prioritize the environmental impact of toners, cartridges, and paper. Many offer recycling programs for used consumables, and some even provide sustainably sourced paper or toner cartridges crafted from recycled materials.

Digital-First Approach

MPS solutions emphasize a digital-first mindset, advocating for the digitization of documents to reduce paper consumption. This approach promotes less printing overall, aligning perfectly with a company's corporate social responsibility goals to conserve resources.

Print Behavior Analysis

With insights into print behavior, MPS providers can shine a light on areas where printing can be curtailed or made more sustainable. Through this analysis, businesses can also train employees to adopt eco-friendly printing habits, such as double-sided printing or using 'draft' mode for unofficial documents, which consumes less toner and ink.

Device Lifecycle Management

Part of a robust CSR strategy is ensuring that old or redundant devices don’t end up as harmful e-waste. MPS providers often refurbish and repurpose these devices. If disposal becomes necessary, they make sure it aligns with eco-friendly standards and guidelines.

Close up of printer printing a floral pattern

Exela's Commitment to Superior Managed Print Services

While paper printing remains an integral part of modern business processes, Exela recognizes the dual necessity for operational efficiency and sustainability. Offering a robust suite of Managed Print Services, Exela not only ensures streamlined printing operations but also champions eco-friendly practices tailored for forward-thinking enterprises.

Exela’s distinction lies in our commitment to both the environment and operational excellence. Our dedicated Printing Solution Architects assess your current device infrastructure and present an optimized print service proposal. Being hardware-agnostic, Exela's flexible solution works to optimize your hardware. This isn't merely a theoretical model; it's a solution crafted from rigorous data obtained during our meticulous site evaluations, analyzing existing page volumes and cost metrics. Our solutions not only bolster efficiency but also promote sustainable practices, such as reduced paper waste and energy-efficient device utilization.

Our ethos revolves around informed decision-making. Exela’s connected dashboard furnishes you with comprehensive insights into your printing world, from activity trends to repair histories, ensuring informed, eco-responsible decisions. And our automation capabilities promote proactive management. By constantly monitoring all networked print devices, we ensure resource conservation, timely alerts for potential issues, and minimal disruptions.

Security and sustainability are two sides of the same coin in the digital realm. Exela fortifies your print operations with robust access controls, authenticated secure releases, and more, ensuring data protection. Furthermore, our commitment to the environment shines through in our secure equipment disposal services. By providing device-level data sanitization, we ensure your information's confidentiality while also adhering to eco-friendly disposal practices.

Close up of keyboard buttons. The center button is green and has the words "Go Green" on it.

Taking the Green Step Forward

The merger of corporate social responsibility and operational efficiency is not just possible—it's imperative. Exela’s MPS not only streamlines print environments but also resonates deeply with the ethos of a green, sustainable future. If your business aims to embed CSR in its core strategies while ensuring operational efficacy, MPS is undoubtedly the way forward.

When you choose Exela, you're not just choosing a service; you're opting for a future-proof, eco-conscious, and secure printing solution tailored for tomorrow's business needs. Learn more about our Managed Print Services or contact us today to discover how we can help you with your printing needs.