Leveraging Cybersecurity to Master Your Domain

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Leveraging Cybersecurity to Master Your Domain

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by Lauren Cahn

“Without a robust security framework, you’ve got…nothing.” - Tom Dolan, Exela’s senior information security officer

Remember the time when 77 million PlayStation users got locked out of PlayStation for 23 days because a hacker got into the system? We'll never forget it, and neither should you. Even the most air-tight, buttoned-down, pen-tested systems aren’t invulnerable. Find out why in the Q3 edition of PluggedIN: A Leap into the Breach: Leveraging Cybersecurity to Master Your Domain. Flip the virtual pages to learn all that’s fresh and fascinating about cybersecurity, including:

  • 21 staggering statistics you need to know about cybersecurity
  • What Achilles, D.B. Cooper, and Watergate have in common with Equifax
  • The odds your smartphone’s being hacked right this very minute
  • Who the “bad guys” are (hint: look around), and how to stop them in their tracks
  • Why HIPAA, FISMA, GDRP and all the rest of those pesky acronyms are your data’s BFF
  • How to put security at the top of your digital transformation priorities

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