The Importance of Branded Gear

The Importance of Branded Gear

by Matt Tarpey

Even in an increasingly digital world, it’s important for businesses to maintain a well-balanced marketing strategy that leverages a wide range of communication channels and media. Physical media, particularly in the form of branded gear or apparel, can play a big part in creating lasting brand awareness and reinforcing positive brand experiences. 

Long-Lasting Branding

It’s no secret that attention spans are getting shorter. Grabbing and holding the attention of viewers can be a challenge, but cultivating brand awareness is really a matter of consistency and repetition - both areas in which physical print and promotional items excel. 

Banner ads on websites or branded social media content are fleeting, disappearing from the viewer’s screen in a matter of seconds, and from their minds shortly thereafter. Quality branded gear has a much longer shelf life, and provides consistent brand exposure for the life of the item. 

Combining Physical Print with Digital Response

Modern technology is bringing a new depth to tried and true marketing methods like print and promotional items. Where once physical items like promotional items, branded signage, and branded apparel couldn’t convey much beyond a simple logo and brief message, scannable QR codes give potential customers the opportunity to learn more and engage with the brand. This makes it easier - and more effective - than ever to incorporate branded gear into larger, omnichannel marketing campaigns that dramatically increase brand awareness and drive sales and lead generation.

Popular Promotional Items

The possibilities of branded promotional items are expansive and constantly growing and evolving. Whether you’re looking for items to improve your workspace and support the team atmosphere, hand out as giveaways at events or on sales calls, or even sell as branded merchandise through an online store or retail location, it helps to have an idea of what’s available. Here are some of the most popular branded gear options:


Few branded promotional items have the staying power of a well-designed cup, travel mug, or water bottle. They promote healthy habits and sustainability, and they go with us everywhere - in the car, on planes, to the gym, out on the golf course - you name it.

Bags & Totes

When it comes to promotional products, it’s tough to beat custom tote bags. A perfect combination of visibility and utility, tote bags offer a large brandable space with long-lasting functionality. Even better, the simplicity of design and necessary materials to create them makes bags one of the most cost-effective promotional items on the market. 

Health and Wellness

There’s a lot that you can convey about your brand with the type of branded gear you offer. Let employees and customers know that your business recognizes the importance of mental and physical fitness in today’s workplace. Items that promote a healthy lifestyle are critical to your team’s success and highly valued by employees and customers alike.

Recognition Awards

Effective brand building takes advantage of every potential touchpoint, internal and external. Fostering a positive and supportive workplace not only encourages employees to perform at their best and act as brand ambassadors, but also creates an attractive image to potential clients and customers. Branded employee and client recognition awards are an excellent way to strengthen bonds between your company, your employees, and your clients. 

Uniforms & Branded Apparel

Branded apparel and employee uniforms are a great example of bringing your brand to life to reinforce a positive brand experience. How your employees' dress will have a major impact on customers’ impressions of your business, which means that uniforms and branded apparel play a critical role in creating a positive branded experience for your employees and customers.  

Here are three reasons why employees should wear branded company apparel:

  1. Reinforce Brand Awareness - Whether on the retail floor, out on sales or services calls, at hiring events or industry conventions, or anywhere else, putting your employees in well-designed logo apparel communicates a degree of professionalism and brand unity that reinforces the brand image in the minds of prospective customers.
  2. Builds Team Spirit - A sense of camaraderie among team members has been shown to improve employee morale and performance. Comfortable uniforms or other branded company apparel helps your team members feel like a part of a group effort, encouraging them to provide better service and deliver a better experience.
  3. Easy Recognition - Custom branded apparel makes it easy for customers and clients to immediately identify staff. In a retail sales setting, this has a massive positive impact on the shopper experience. Having friendly, knowledgeable staff that is easy to find and ready to offer assistance or answer questions is a key driver of customer satisfaction. 

Exela’s Marketing Solution

As part of our comprehensive, end-to-end Marketing Execution Services platform, Exela offers high-quality, sustainably-sourced branded gear that is designed to keep your brand top-of-mind. 

Exela leverages decades of experience and our global network to ensure optimal sourcing for our clients. Using a sophisticated bidding process to identify the best deals from qualified suppliers, Exela provides high-quality items and competitive pricing.

Our dedicated project managers understand the complexities of delivering quality products at the best cost. Through a consultative approach, our team works as an extension of your business to deliver exceptional results in a timely manner.

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