How Exela Put The “Innovate” in FinovateFall 2019

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How Exela Put The “Innovate” in FinovateFall 2019

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by Lauren Cahn

From September 23 to 25, the best, brightest, and most innovative fin-tech professionals descended upon New York City for FinovateFall 2019, a major cutting-edge conference showcasing the most promising financial and banking technologies. Finovate conferences consistently attract the largest, most high-impact financial and banking executives, so Exela was thrilled to be a part of this latest one.

Check out the Press Release with all the details here.

Debut of Exela’s Real Time Payments Platform

For FinovateFall 2019, Exela was honored to present its new Real Time Payments Platform, a full-service, fully-integrated real time payments (RTP) platform. Exela’s innovative and highly intuitive take on RTP is designed to integrate billing and payment processes on one easy-to-use platform, securely streamlining go-to-market strategy. Salar Salahshoor, Director of Product Marketing, and Hishaam Siddiqi, Product Marketing Specialist, presented a riveting demonstration that began with the provocative question:

How effective is a payment system without interoperability?

Instantaneous and secure payment transactions, now with interoperability

 “In 2017, this industry promised “real time payments” as the future, offering instantaneous and secure transactions,” Salahshoor stated. “However, because of the high cost and complexity of integration, many banks have been slow and unsuccessful bringing RTP to market. And what happens every time we do come out with a new payment system? It’s bolted on as a standalone solution without thinking about interoperability.”

Watch the demo here.

“We’re here today to tell you about a Real Time Payments system that goes beyond the transaction.”

Salahshoor and Siddiqi proceeded to demonstrate how the Real Time Payments Platform is designed with the much-anticipated interoperability built- into the design. “It’s an integrated RTP platform that includes everything from bill rendering to receivables management,” Salahshoor explained, “integrating with everything from bill rendering and presentation to receivables management, providing you with more control over your entire payment ecosystem.”

How’d we do that?

“Exela is able to successfully deliver this because we are one of the largest global providers of transaction processing solutions,” Salahshoor and Siddiqi pointed out during the demo. “Our financial technology is deployed in over a thousand banks, including the top 10 US banks, processing more than 60 million transactions every day.”

Just one week after FinovateFall 2019, Exela proudly announced its partnership with Vocalink, a Mastercard company, to deliver a “Request to Pay” platform enabling consumers to receive payment requests, view bills, communicate with vendors regarding payment requests, and make real-time bill payments. Leveraging structured data to foster increased transparency and simpler reconciliation, Request to Pay is set to launch in the first quarter of 2020 and stands to serve as a core component in PAY.UK’s “new payment architecture” (the U.K.’s new conceptual model for the future development of the shared retail payment infrastructure).


Fascinated? Then check out Exela’s full line of Banking and Financial Services Suite here.

For more on Finovate, please check out this blog from the spring of 2019, where we discuss FinovateSpring 2019, at which Exela debuted our BFSS solutions. The BFSS solutions use a uniquely designed presentation layer and strong technology workflow to improve liquidity, working capital and compliance for domestic banks, global banks, and large domestic and international companies.

To set up a meeting to examine how our innovative business process solutions can optimize your business—or even just a tour of one of our Exela Innovation Centers, please email

And please stay tuned for an upcoming video demonstration of how Exela’s Real Time Payments platform can streamline your go-to-market strategy.

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