Healthcare Revenue Integrity is More Important than Ever

Healthcare Revenue Integrity is More Important than Ever

by The Exela Team

Over the course of the past few years, healthcare organizations have seen their budgets stretched thin as they worked to battle an unprecedented global pandemic. Cost of care rose while incoming revenue fell, as people canceled elective procedures, routine checkups, and non-emergency visits. For the healthcare industry, financial recovery will require maximizing on accounts receivable.

Exela’s latest edition of PluggedIN: “Revenue Integrity in the Healthcare Industry” covers the processes in place to ensure healthcare organizations successfully recoup payments, and the rising importance of preventing revenue leakage as the industry recovers from the pandemic.

From improving the healthcare claims process to careful ongoing analysis of payer contracts and behavior, there are many ways to help healthcare providers receive full and accurate payments. Shoring up these processes has never been more important.

Learn more about the common concerns and Exela’s innovative approach to healthcare revenue integrity in the latest edition of PluggedIN.

The full issue of PluggedIN is available for download now at


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