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Exela’s Cisco Liquido on How the Single-Vendor Model Mitigates the Dreaded “Document Sprawl”
Jun 12, 2019
Lauren Cahn

“As banks scramble to meet consumers’ changing banking expectations, they struggle with legacy system integration,” writes Cisco Liquido on June 10, 2019 in the ABA Banking Journal. “Vendors are added one at a time, one bank acquires another, new systems are tacked on to old ones to address evolving problems, and the result can be a mess of disconnected systems, redundant processes and excessive documentation.”

Cisco Liquido is Exela’s Vice President for Business Strategies, and he understands the pain points that challenge banks as they grow and transform to meet consumers’ expectations. Read on as he talks about how poorly designed systems integrations lead to “document sprawl,” with all its redundancies, inefficiencies, and risks, and then proposes a methodology for avoiding the problem in the first place. For more of Cisco’s incisive thought leadership, check out this piece on

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