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The Exela Blog
Exela Technologies Implements Robotic Process Automation to Save the Day!
Jun 12, 2018
Amy Imhoff

Exela Technologies is leveraging its status as a global technology influencer to focus heavily on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cognitive automation solutions. As businesses desire more efficient, streamlined ways of accomplishing tasks within processes such as transactions, data gathering initiatives, and IT support, Exela will be there to turn those business goals into reality through cutting-edge automation platforms.

Robotics and AI have long held a place in pop culture as a driving force behind everything from Iron Man’s fleet of crime-fighting suits to the tech that helps James Bond fight bad guys with sensors in his cufflinks and a self-driving car. AI is sometimes portrayed as an evil force, thwarting our heroes as they try to save humanity, but in real life, technology is most often an ally rather than an adversary. In fact, most of us carry around an augmented intelligence in our pocket every day: our smartphone. Just as apps can synthesize traffic information to make our commute easier or virtual assistants such as Siri can fetch the answers to millions of questions, the principles behind those smaller processes can be scaled to fit a company’s needs for much larger and more complex solutions. That’s where RPA comes in.

Exela’s RPA solutions leverage robotic software to automate repetitive, standard business processes. Each bot has its own virtual workstation, much like a human worker. The bot uses keyboard and mouse controls to take actions and execute automations. These actions take place in a virtual environment. Often, clients approach Exela with a variety of problems that need solving and the desire to implement one or more of Exela’s custom solutions. Applying the RPA platform allows for cutting-edge innovation across numerous industries and may give businesses that implement RPA an edge on their competition.

Exela’s RPA platform, part of the Exela Business Process Automation (BPA) suite, is a full-featured platform for designing, configuring, and deploying robotic tools to replace or enhance routine business processes with robotic functionality. It can do repetitive tasks more quickly and consistently than humans, freeing them to do other things such as reasoning, judgment, and interaction with customers. Exela’s BPA suite also includes server process automation (SPA) and cognitive process automation (CPA), enabling businesses to see the power of BPA, as these solutions span multiple categories.

Don’t just take Exela’s word for it – The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence states on their homepage that “by freeing up human labor to provide additional capacity for more strategic work, RPA simply creates more value with less investment.” The next generation of smart processes is here and ready for us to use, first in higher-level business concepts and then in repetitive tasks such as data entry, as the bots can allow seamless attended automation of client-side tasks, leaving key decision points or intervention up to the user. Bots can also be deployed in unattended situations where they perform all scripted tasks according to the rules and data that have been provided in advance by an administrator. Exela is already taking its clients on this transformative digital journey, leading them into the future of business process automation by moving at the speed of creative innovation.

Through RPA, Exela lives up to its mission of embracing complexity and delivering simplicity in the best possible way. RPA is at the leading edge of market intelligence but still needs the industry leaders at Exela to create avenues for further exploration and implementation. With new and original strategies for using RPA, Exela is ready to take on the challenges faced by a global, integrated community of businesses and solutions.

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