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Public Works and Government Services Canada Seeks to Modernize Pension System.

State Governments’ Expensive Secret

Anyone who has gone online to file taxes, renew a vehicle registration or pay a traffic ticket appreciates the convenience of electronic government payment systems. And so do state officials and administrators.

Protecting Taxpayer Data

What Departments of Revenue Should Know Before Choosing a Business Partner

Exela-FTS First Class Liquidity

Outsourced Processing Accelerates Payments Flow, Lowers Costs

Exela-FTS eInvoicing

Why Should I Care, and What Can I Do About It?

Driving Better Compliance

Dodd-Frank Act Brings Substantial Change and Increased Regulation and Enforcement for Auto Finance Companies

Automated Lockbox Services

Getting in Lockstep with Processing Demands

3 Things Your Claims Process Should Do... And how to get there.

And why you won’t be able to do them until you change your way of thinking

Shopping Around for a Better Way to Manage F&A Process?

AP And AR Automation Solutions Enable Retailers to Impart Best Practices and Optimize Cash Flow

Prepared to Deal with High Volume of Processing?

Enhanced Forms Bring Technology Benefits to Returns Processing