Customer Support

Customer Support

A higher standard of customer support for a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Omni-channel support structure.

Seamless transitions between communication channels.

Automated chat and smart routing systems.

Quality control to improve service over time.


Your customers deserve prompt, helpful, courteous support services, available through their preferred medium. So Exela has developed unified communication services that deliver effective request resolution, a uniform customer experience, and easy transitions between systems.

Keep your customers happy, enhance brand loyalty, and smooth out the service request process through the combination of innovative technologies and professional support staff.

Explore the Benefits

Omni-Channel Communications

We make sure your customers get the support they need, whether they prefer voice, text, chat, email, or even a physical letter. We offer integrated communications to provide a superior customer experience.

Automated Customer Care

Expand service hours without expanding your workforce, with an intelligent automated chat system. Our iCRM platform uses sophisticated natural language processing capable of addressing the majority of customer needs without human intervention.

Seamless Routing & Transfers

Switching between communication channels is easier when systems share data and customers don’t have to verify their identity more than once. We make it easy for your customers, whether they are being transferred between departments or switching from live chat to a phone call.

Rich Customer Profiles

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to learn more about who your customers are and what they value most. Turn every interaction into supplementary data and use it to improve your marketing efforts.

Explore Solutions

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