Document Digitization


Document Digitization

Save space, simplify retrieval, and secure your information
  • Global capacity for scalable processing
  • Comprehensive security protocols
  • Increased process efficiencies
  • Rapid data retrieval
  • Flexible workflows


Exela has provided high-quality, high-volume document conversion services for over two decades, and in that time we have converted hundreds of millions of small and large format documents and microfilm into digital records.


Our extensive industry experience, robust infrastructure, and global footprint are what makes us an industry leader in document scanning and data extraction.

High-Speed Scanning

Exela’s proprietary, high-speed production scanners are capable of processing up to 654 ppm at lower resolutions and 87 pages per minute at high-resolution color settings.

Automated Data Extraction

Our document digitization systems are able to capture numerous data types with a high degree of confidence. Extracted data is automatically indexed and transferred into the client’s content management system so that it can be easily searched and accessed.


Quality Assurance

Exela’s Quality Management System covers both quality assurance (strategy) and quality control (method). We maintain the integrity of data through periodic random samplings, checks for quality and accuracy, verification of data, and exception flagging.

Data Security

Exela’s offsite data and document processing facilities employ strict security best practices, including facility access controls, source material handling restrictions, and network encryption to protect physical and digital records and keep your data confidential.

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