Contactless Entry & Exit

Contactless Entry & Exit

A flexible solution for managing onsite and remote employee time and location reporting.
  • A solution built for the agile workforce of today and tomorrow.
  • Contactless technology helps keep your workplace safe.
  • Centralize payroll and timekeeping processes.
  • Data recording and analytics tools improve transparency.


Exela’s Contactless Entry & Exit (CEE) is a modern employee timeclock system uniquely equipped to address the needs of the growing remote workforce.

Available on desktops, mobile devices, and through an onsite card reader, the system is an ideal solution for logging employee time and location, whether they are onsite or working from home.

The cloud-hosted Contactless Entry & Exit system makes stored data readily available from anywhere and able to be integrated with other HR and payroll systems. Use CEE as a standalone tool, bundle it together with the rest of Exela’s Human Capital Management suite, or combine it with third-party systems to streamline time and location recording.

Explore the Benefits

Empower remote employee

As modern employees continue to become more mobile, and the remote workforce continues to grow, Exela’s Contactless Entry & Exit provides businesses with a convenient time and location management tool that is accessible from anywhere.

Enjoy greater flexibility

Exela’s CEE system can be accessed via desktops, mobile devices, and onsite card readers, allowing employees to accurately log their time and attendance, no matter where they’re working.

Use as a standalone or integrated solution

Contactless Entry & Exit can function as a standalone system or as part of Exela's Human Capital Management suite. Proprietary Exela software bots also make it easy to sync CEE with any existing HR or payroll system.

Leverage evolving capabilities

Future versions of the CEE system will utilize technology that enables longer range badge detection. This will eliminate the need for direct badge scanning for onsite employees and support safety measures such as social distancing, contact tracing, and emergency evacuation tracking.

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