Case Management


Case Management

A single source for full lifecycle case management
  • Fully configurable system
  • Integrated design studio
  • Comprehensive data management
  • Connected communication and collaboration tools


Exela provides a truly end-to-end case management platform by combining powerful data management solutions with a dynamic, adaptable case management system that includes collaboration and communication tools, as well as automated notifications and real-time process monitoring through an integrated dashboard.

Dynamic Case Management

Case-specific business process solutions allow each case to move through a dynamic process that can be modified as necessary by internal and external input form stakeholders.

Comprehensive Information Repository

Benefit from a unified database that houses all business information and provides accessibility to users without compromising data integrity and security.


Integrated Communications

Built-in communication tools help teams stay connected, share information, coordinate their efforts, and maintain visibility over case development.

Dashboard, Alerts, & Reporting

Real-time process monitoring is possible using configurable dashboards that also simplify report generation. Defined alert triggers and threshold monitoring enable automated notifications.

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