Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Technologies that improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Empower employees and enhance productivity.

Immediately gain efficiency and cost savings.

Access over 500,000 pre-configured bots and business rules.


Transform tedious, manual, error-prone processes into efficient automated workflows that leverage the advanced capabilities of robotic and cognitive process automation. Exela’s BPA Suite is optimized for transaction processing, high-volume rule-based tasks, and data migration from old to new systems.

BPA software not only automates repetitive tasks to enable workers to focus on more meaningful and valuable work, but it can often perform those tasks with much greater speed, consistency, accuracy, and control.

Explore the Benefits

Design Studio & Bot Library

With more than 500,000 pre-configured bots and business rules ready to deploy, we make it easy to get started. The Design Studio application enables you to configure a new bot specific to your needs using our intuitive drag and drop interface. Once the bot is configured, deploying it is as simple as pressing play on a remote; no software development skills required.

Attended & Unattended Automation

Improve the performance of your existing employees by deploying bots that work alongside them in our attended automation model, or deploy unattended bots that are capable of completing large volumes of complex tasks.

Highly Configurable Solutions

Exela creates automation systems that are usable out of the box, but we also make them highly configurable to specific business needs and workflows. Our process automation software can be deployed onsite, offsite, or as standalone software on individual workstations, servers, or from the cloud.

Process Visibility & Control

Every action performed by our automated systems can be monitored, logged, reviewed, and adjusted as necessary from a central platform. Remote monitoring and assistance make it easy for an administrator to control an entire bot workforce from any location.

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Unified on a single, cloud-hosted platform, Digital Now is a suite of solutions built to accelerate your digital transformation. With rapidly deployable enterprise software and a team of experienced specialists behind you, you can do business better.

Exela Smart Office is a suite of interconnected workplace technologies and services. Find out how business process automation tools can enhance your employee and visitor experience, optimize space and energy usage, and streamline daily processes.

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