Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Prepare for business as usual.

Experienced contingency specialists.

Threat-detection monitoring systems.

Emergency preparedness through stress testing and live drills.

Data redundancy systems and backup processing centers.


Don’t let a lack of preparation be the reason that an unforeseen event turns into a crisis.

Exela’s contingency specialists will help create a disaster recovery plan that mitigates your risk and supports your business at all stages – from preparation and prevention to reaction and recovery.

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Threat Detection

Automated systems continuously monitor and provide real-time tracking of weather events, supply chain and logistical issues, social and political activity, and potential cyber threats.

Hub & Spoke Model

Our hub and spoke model protects data and builds in process redundancies by creating a central platform (the hub) hosted and maintained by Exela, which operates alongside client-run sites and specialized disaster recovery sites (the spokes).

Special Purpose Vehicle Model

To protect against insolvency or inability to perform, Exela will set up a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (SPV) company that services a small percentage of total processing volume with the ability to ramp up to 100% coverage in the event of total insolvency across your vendor network.

Omni-Channel Notifications & Alerts

Exela’s communication systems enable secure rapid notifications and alerts across SMS, email, phone, web conferencing, and remote alarm systems.

Preparedness Testing

We conduct extensive stress testing of both systems and procedures, recording tests, and staff training and drills to ensure full readiness.

Communication Redundancy

Exela’s print and mail services, fulfillment and shipping, document finishing, call center operations, and last mile redundancy ensure process and data functionality in the face of a power outage or network disruption.

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