Secure Messaging & Mass Notifications

Secure Messaging & Mass Notifications

Technology to securely connect, share, and inform.

High-speed messaging, video chat, web conferencing, and file sharing.

Highly secure team collaboration using encrypted messaging.

Easy connections between customers and your service teams.

Mass notification capabilities for sharing information, reminders, and alerts.


Empower your teams with secure, high-speed communications, including text messaging, video chat, web conferencing, file sharing, and mass notification capabilities, and enable your customers to easily connect with your business.

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Public and private key encryption keeps your messages totally secure, whether you’re transmitting sensitive internal communications or confidential information between a customer and your service branch.

System Integration

Exela’s messaging and notification system can be integrated with data warehouse systems so that the information you gather can be used to continually improve your operations.

Customer Access

Give your customers the ability to easily connect with your service teams, securely upload documents, share sensitive information, and pay their bills through a secure text messaging platform, from anywhere in the world.

Mass Notifications

Built-in mass communication capability enables you to send information, notifications, and alerts to the groups of your choosing – whether that is your entire workforce, specific internal teams, or specific customer segments.

Flexible Configurations

Our communication solutions are built-to-order, based on your particular business needs and customer engagement model.

Information Sharing Tools

Enjoy a flexible communication solution where a variety of information can be securely shared and archived. Ensure that interactions between customers and your business are logged so that customer engagement efforts can be refined over time.

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