Predictive Marketing Automation

Predictive Marketing Automation

Superior customer intelligence enables hyper-targeted marketing.

Detailed customer profiles.

Hyper-targeted marketing strategies.

Automated consumer engagement.

Reduced customer churn.

Predictive behavior modeling.


Exela’s marketing automation software stack enhances customer experience and automates data collection and processing to enable hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that drive results.

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Marketing Intelligence

Exela’s marketing intelligence systems are able to record salient information in real-time from every customer touchpoint from your website, direct and indirect ad campaigns, and call centers. Our automated analytics engines will use this data to produce detailed customer profiles.

Customer Experience

Keep your customers connected using an omni-channel communication system built specifically for your customer demographics and business needs. Maximize productive customer touchpoints through social media, email, website, and mobile phone engagements.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Custom templates and personalized messaging help you deliver the right message to the right customer segment at the right time to drive real results.

Engagement Automation

Use superior analytics and predictive modeling to customize and refine outreach programs and maximize marketing effectiveness.

Brand Management

Expand the impact of your customer data to monitor the health of your brand, gauge public perception of your company, and conduct sentiment analysis to generate insights.

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