Marketing Execution Services

Marketing Execution Services

From print and promotional items to campaign management and predictive analytics.

Integrated solutions to execute end-to-end marketing approach.

Marketing technology and services ranging from print and promotional item management, strategic sourcing, and creative design services, to marketing campaign support, omni-channel communications, and advanced data analytics.

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Marketing Execution Platform

The Exela Marketing Execution Platform provides comprehensive, enterprise-level customer communications management including a Digital Storefront developed and branded to support adoption and improve brand control. Provide an e-commerce experience to employees, and source the best materials and the lowest price, delivered by the most appropriate supplier.

Print & Promotional Item Management

Exela offers a time-tested, holistic approach to print and promotional item management with flexible fulfillment solutions and support services. The standard bid process includes bidding to three or more suppliers. Projects are awarded and savings are measured according to multiple value-maximizing strategies.

Market Modeling & Predictive Analytics

Unlock new revenue streams via Big Data approaches. By aggregating enterprise information, external data, and open web information, Exela is able to create enriched, holistic customer profiles for customer segmentation and behavior prediction solutions. Target the right people, with the right message, at the right time to optimize your marketing spend.

Campaign Management & Omni-Channel Communications

The sophisticated campaign management and omni-channel functionality offered in our Marketing Execution Platform utilizes customer insights as the basis for communication choices and interactions. Target chosen customers by communication type and and transform that communication into an ongoing dialogue.

Omni-channel communication formats include direct mail, email, landing pages, web banners, social sharing, and call center tracking. Analytics reporting and data visualization available as needed through the Marketing Execution Platform.

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