Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Content Management

From ideation and creation to transformation and support
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Consistent accuracy and quality
  • Reduced vendor dependency
  • High-volume output


Exela has decades of experience providing services and technological support across content creation, digitization and conversion, editing, publishing, and distribution within the educational, professional, trade, consumer, and legal markets.


Our technology-driven delivery infrastructure uniquely positions us to provide process efficiencies and cost savings throughout content operations, workflow management systems, and the entire editorial process.

Content Conversion

Our content digitization services take in a large volume of materials from various sources and quickly produce high-fidelity output in numerous formats. With process governance, support from industry-specific subject matter experts, and research and citation linking, Exela provides comprehensive content conversion services across varied market segments.

Content Creation Support

Exela’s team of experienced writers and subject matter experts help you find dependable, scalable, innovative ways to create enhanced and interactive content tailored to specific audiences. We produce materials for a wide range of industries by gathering and analyzing content of various forms and producing unique, high-quality content ready for distribution.

Editorial Services

We provide true end-to-end editorial services including project management, pre-editing support, proofreading, copy editing, ASI-certified indexing and taxonomy, abstracting, and graphics work. We work with an XML-first composition workflow and high-quality graphics services to provide the highest level of editorial support.

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