Legal Settlement & Remediation

Legal Settlement & Remediation

Industry-Leading Settlement Services and Legal Remediation Administration.

Decades of consultation and administration experience.

Scalable operations tailored to address projects of any size and complexity.

Fast response SLA’s accommodate time-sensitive cases.

Innovative notification programs drive results.

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Exela’s award-winning legal remediation and settlements services leverage our experts' deep industry knowledge and decades of consultation and administration experience. Our settlement services and legal remedy solutions are not only designed to handle versatile projects; they ensure "unified compliance posture" for security certifications and best practices.

With fast-response SLA’s and innovative notification programs, we accommodate time-sensitive cases in the following areas:

  • Class action.
  • Mass tort.
  • Regulatory settlements.
  • Internal compliance and remediation programs.
  • Data breach response.
  • Government services.
  • Product recalls.
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Scalable Operations

Because we have experience in managing more than 6,500 complex and time-sensitive programs, we always offer operational excellence during legal remedy and settlement services for any type of case.

Cutting-Edge Notification Programs

With clear language and straightforward design, we improve notification accuracy, reach, and speed of response. We handle every part of the notification process, from creative ideation and development to distribution and response management.

Comprehensive Communication

Exela’s legal communications division, Kinsella Media, has designed and implemented more international, national, and statewide notification programs than any other firm. Our expertise spans all media channels, including: traditional mail, email, digital advertising, website, TV, radio, point of purchase materials, press releases, and call center operations.

Areas of Legal Expertise

  • Antitrust.
  • Consumer.
  • Finance.
  • Insurance & Healthcare.
  • Labor & Employment.
  • Product Liability.
  • Securities.

Core Settlement Services

  • Preliminary Consultation.
  • Project Management.
  • Data Management.
  • Claims Processing.
  • Funds Distribution.
  • Tax Reporting.

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