Legal Editorial Operations


Legal Editorial Operations

Expert legal content writing services and automated data processing systems
  • Increase processing volumes
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve quality and consistency


Exela employs more than 150 people on our legal editorial staff and we use natural language processing technologies to automate metadata extraction and summarization of relevant case judgments.


Compared to a manual review process, our solutions dramatically increase processing volumes, speed, and accuracy, which in turn reduce operating costs and time to market.

Core Legal Editorial Operations
  • Headnote Writing
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Editorial Service
  • Citation Service
  • Content Conversion
  • Site Management
Automated Data Processing

With Exela’s enterprise legal data management platform, you can efficiently process structured and unstructured data. The nQUBE data analysis system and the JET data extraction and summarization engine quickly and accurately compile source data to boost editorial service productivity. Learn more about our suite of Information Management solutions.

Automated Source Monitoring

Manual review of case judgments is time-consuming and cost prohibitive. Our legal software features automated source monitoring and data extraction, indexing, and summarization, which greatly reduces turnaround times and operating costs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms ensure that automated processes are continually refined, which ensures that the overall quality of output is accurate and consistent.

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