Intelligent automation to generate actionable intelligence
  • Accelerate intelligence gathering
  • Minimize errors using smart automation
  • Digitize records to create a secure, searchable database
  • Process more data with fewer staff


Exela can help you master your litigation intelligence by leveraging our extensive experience providing these services to major corporate clients. Our e-Discovery technology automates data mining, classification, summarization, and aggregation, and manages storage and retrieval through our encrypted hosting services.


Unify your data to create a single source of truth that is easily searchable and totally secure.


Exela’s CourtQ case aggregation engine monitors and mines public court records from multiple sources, including PACER, and state and federal courts. Automated queries, keyword triggers, defined alerts, and visual relationship mapping compile the data you need, alert you when it arrives, and present it in a digestible format.

Rapid Integration

Our process-agnostic platform enables rapid integration with legacy systems, including commonly used enterprise data repositories and ECM environments. The system’s modular architecture allows for refinement and upgrades as necessary.


Knowledge discovery systems automatically gather and process information using optical character recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning capable of searching structured and unstructured data from multiple sources simultaneously.

Risk Mitigation

Automated data capture using AI-assisted technologies avoids errors associated with manual processing. Exela’s data storage and retrieval system works within our encrypted hosting service to provide complete data security.

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