We combine decades of legal experience with powerful automation technologies


Exela’s proprietary technologies and highly-trained legal staff work together to deliver results that meet your business objectives. Reduce your staffing demands and overhead costs, while improving accuracy and efficiency.


Our legal expertise is supplemented by our AI-assisted information management technologies that achieve data mastery through natural language processing and machine learning capabilities to increase your knowledge base and mitigate your risk.

Legal Process Optimization Suite

“Through a unique combination of proprietary technology and over 30 years of legal industry experience, Exela provides legal optimization solutions that save time, reduce costs, and increase work quality.”

Document Digitization
Save space, simplify retrieval, and secure your information
Master Data Management
Create a single source of truth
Business Intelligence
Achieve data mastery to generate actionable insights
Intelligent automation to generate actionable intelligence
Settlements & Remediation
Industry-leading settlement services and remediation administration
Litigation Intelligence & Support
Legal AI, case management, and staffing solutions
Records Management
Secure physical and digital storage
Digital Mailroom
Make your mail searchable, shareable, and secure
Mail Services
Custom mailroom management solutions
Workplace Management
Automated space, energy, and asset management

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Accelerate your digital transformation with rapidly deployable enterprise software and automation technologies, unified within a single, cloud-hosted platform.
Enhance your employee and visitor experience, optimize space and energy usage, and streamline daily processes with Exela’s interconnected workplace technologies.
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Exela Manages Onsite Services for Global Law Firm

A winning service delivery model wins renewal and expansion at a global law firm.
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