Underwriting Support

Underwriting Support

Resources that help optimize underwriting operations

Efficient data ingestion, aggregation, and summarization

Cognitive automation tools improve the accuracy of risk modeling and decisioning

Consumer engagement strategies help collect supplementary data

Integrated workflow tools improve team collaboration


The underwriting process tends to be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to error, but major improvements can be made with the addition of more information, higher quality data, and more sophisticated risk modeling techniques.

Exela’s underwriting support tools provide these advancements and more, with intelligent data capture and processing technologies, integrated communication solutions, and workflow productivity systems that help your team make better decisions, faster.

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Data Aggregation

Paper and digital document ingestion, data extraction, summarization, routing, and storage offer process efficiencies, enhanced data management, and labor cost savings to help optimize the underwriting process.

Cognitive Automation

Intelligent data analytics systems, governed by business rules and refined over time through machine learning algorithms, are capable of adding significant value to the underwriting workflow in the form of improved risk modeling, data supplementation, and automated communications.

Consumer Engagement

Collect consumer data from multiple touchpoints and external sources and aggregate it to form a more complete picture of their risk profile for better underwriting decisions. Our Global Intelligence Platform combined with our virtual chat agent solution and experienced call center operations help generate better data for a more thorough analysis.

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