PCH Global - Claims Gateway

PCH Global – Claims Gateway

Optimized Claims Administration

Centralized Digital Communications

Automated Claims Administration

Integrated Correspondence & Payments

Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing


Exela’s PCH Global is a powerful digital exchange platform for the insurance industry that provides a single point of access for claims management, correspondence, and payments.

Through digitization, automation, and system integration, PCH Global provides a cost-effective claims processing solution that improves processing accuracy and transparency, while accelerating cycle times.

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Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing

Exela holds third-party administrator licenses in numerous states in the US. This enables us to perform claims administration services in more locations, and better support the operations of our national partners, with comprehensive solutions that accommodate varying business needs across different regions.

Centralized Digital Communications

The digitization of claims, records, payments, and correspondence improves the flow of information, removing friction and streamlining all processes. This direct communication link between payers, billers, customers, and data systems benefits all stakeholders.


PCH automatically identifies “Certain to Deny” claims, reducing manual claims processing and speeding up the process of comparing claims to the benefit or coverage requirements, while also eliminating problems of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Continuous System Improvement

Iterative feedback loop technology helps the system continuously learn and improve, using predictive analytics to identify errors in claims to enable proactive claims management and system flexibility as your contracts change.

Improved Accounts Payable

PCH is much more than just a claims management and correspondence tool. It also improves Accounts Payable cycle times and payment integrity with overpayment identification functionality, and claims cross-checking and validation tools.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

The system automatically tracks and records any addition, deletion, or modification to transactions, along with user reference and timestamps for all entries in the system, providing clear audit trails and ensuring full compliance. Digitized paper claims become visible to providers to limit processing and communication challenges.

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