Member Enrollment

Member Enrollment

Modernized enrollment solutions for a better consumer experience

Enhanced member engagement solutions

Integrated communication channels and ePresentment options

Automated document ingestion and processing

High-volume global print and mail operations


In competitive industries, the difference between gaining and losing market share can come down to something as simple as the quality of your customer engagement. In order to acquire new members and retain existing members, it is important that information is made accessible and easy to understand.

Exela offers member enrollment solutions that offer intuitive presentment, clear and effective onboarding materials, and the unification of communication channels to ensure your customers have the information they need, when they need it.

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Automated Document Processing

Add speed and accuracy to your document intake and data ingestion process with automation technologies that capture, classify, organize, route, and store data from paper and digital documents and other information sources.

Information Management

Multi-channel ingestion, data integration, content summarization, and detailed analytics come together to do more with your data. Gain a better understanding of your customer base and glean actionable insights from trend analytics and predictive risk modeling.

Customer Engagement

Dynamic advertising, ePresentment, and onboarding solutions offer clear, informative messaging that helps prospective customers make informed decisions and enables new members to easily understand their policies.

Communication Consolidation

Intelligent communication and presentment offers enhanced customer communication, streamlined transfers between channels, improved data gathering for rich customer profiles, and automated engagement options for a better customer experience.

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Unified on a single, cloud-hosted platform, Digital Now is a suite of solutions built to accelerate your digital transformation. With rapidly deployable enterprise software and a team of experienced specialists behind you, you can do business better.

Exela Smart Office is a suite of interconnected workplace technologies and services. Find out how business process automation tools can enhance your employee and visitor experience, optimize space and energy usage, and streamline daily processes.

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