Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

An easier and more effective way to manage the hiring process.

Job requisitions, tracking, and oversight.

Integrated applicant verification services.

End-to-end applicant tracking and evaluation tools.


Exela’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite includes tools that help recruiters and hiring managers better control the hiring process, from job posting to interviewing, to sending offer letters, onboarding, and beyond.

Easy-to-use applicant tracking features help you keep track of open positions and evaluate candidates so that you can make informed hiring decisions that help grow your company’s potential.

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Job Listing Management Tools

This easy-to-use system allows you to quickly store a record of all job listings, compare responses and success rates, and collaborate with internal stakeholders to help identify and recruit top talent.

Background Verification

Integrated applicant screening services allow you to access criminal and background check information from within your application.

Applicant Status Tracking

Maintain a clear, high-level view over open positions and the status of each applicant. Streamline your hiring workflow and ensure that next steps are taken quickly to expedite the hiring process.

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