Revenue Integrity


Revenue Integrity

Interconnected solutions that help optimize recovery rates
  • 98.6% recovery success rate
  • $4B+ recovered on behalf of our provider clients
  • 40+ years servicing healthcare customers
  • Integrated cash flow analytics


Exela’s revenue integrity program consists of elements that help optimize revenue integrity programs. Our mission is to help identify and recover all dollars rightfully and contractually due to providers from all third-party payers.

To accomplish this, we help streamline transactions and maximize recovery rates through the use of interconnected systems that improve access, coding, claims management, billing and payments processing, and data management.

Ensure proper billing, clean claims, and optimized collection practices to reduce costly downstream work, maintain compliance, avoid denial of payment, and prevent revenue leakage.

Contract Management

Automated data capture, analysis, and exception management based on established business rules enables predictive contract modeling, enhances reimbursement forecasting, and improves compliance.

Data Mining & Analytics

Make the most out of your data with predictive contract modeling, benchmarking, and revenue forecasting, along with retrospective and concurrent underpayment identification and recovery services.

Billing & Collections

Comprehensive multi-channel communications and ePresentment. Engaging bill and statement design, payment processing, finance and accounting tools, and collection services come together to increase recovery rates.

Medical Lockbox Solutions

Exela’s medical lockbox offers a private-label lockbox solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Our HIPAA compliant solution helps eliminate filing and storage issues, strengthen regulatory responsiveness, and automates paper EOB conversion and cash balancing.

Denials Management

Tools that help you quickly identify and resolve denials. Capture reason and remark codes, track and monitor success rates, and eliminate recurring cases.

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